Matt Makofske - BIO

Matt Makofske - Consigner Bio

Born and raised here in Orange County, Matt is a local through and through. Some of his earliest memories are of his uncle, a Franciscan Brother, always with a camera in hand taking pictures. It was this same uncle that gifted Matt with his first camera and taking pictures himself would become an interest for many years.

After graduating high school Matt became a mechanic and did that for 10 years, the old 35mm camera finding a home in his car, never far away.

About seven years ago, after years of purchasing frames for his work, Matt headed into the workshop and started building frames for his prints and an artist friends’ paintings. Starting as a hobby, Matt is completely self-taught evolving from simplistic designs to now using a biscuit joiner to create his frames.

Always having a passion for creating things, Matt choses to use rustic reclaimed wood for most of his frames, giving them a character all their own. From stopping on the side of the road to dumpster diving, finding the reclaimed wood is a fun challenge in itself.

Some of Matts favorite subjects to photograph are sunrise and sunsets, natural landscapes, and unique architectural structures like old doors. The combination of his eccentric photos housed in his striking frames becomes a true work of art.

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