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KG Woodworks - Consigner at Nailed It! Hardware

Gunner Johnson, a local union carpenter and his entrepreneur wife Kristie, created KG Woodworks in March 2020 when the COVID pandemic forced many to seek alternate income. Inspired by the patriotism, generosity, unity, and general good will of their hometown, they started carving American Flags to raise moral and recognize the local hero’s.

Gunner has been a carpenter since the age of 13 and his love for the natural beauty of wood is endless. For Gunner his woodworking is a way to transform emotion into something tangible. Providing people with quality custom carvings with personal meaning has become a passion and a means to give back to their community.

Influenced by family friends, Fr. MacDonald, Deacon Barney and Rory whose opinions are valued and trusted. KG Woodworks aims for their work to inspire people to make memories and celebrate the love of God, family, friends, and Country.

One of the most rewarding outcomes of creating the business has been the way the pieces seem to bring people together. Everything created in the workshop becoming special because of what they mean to the customer.

Because of the support of the community KG Woodworks has been able to raise money for the 9/11 memorial in Washingtonville and they look forward to contributing more locally.

“People are our greatest source of inspiration. Their stories, lives and lessons learned fuel our creativity.” – KG Woodworks

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