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Derek Robertson Photography - Consigner BIO

Derek Robertson was born and raised in Pearl River, New York. After high school he served in the United states Army as a tank driver. He then attended and graduated from Florida State University and moved back to New York.

In 2008, he moved to Orange County, where he developed a love for hiking and photography. Originally focusing on scenic landscapes, he also began photographing wild animals after spotting a bald eagle one day.

Four years ago he posted a few images of Washingtonville on a Facebook page and was surprised with the response. This encouraged him to take more photos and start exploring the area to find new places of interest. In 2019 he got a drone and began taking aerial images of Washingtonville and the neighboring towns. He also created a calendar full of all local photography and began selling his photos as well.

He enjoys showing people places and animals that typically go unnoticed. The drone allows him to take photos of things we see every day from unique and never before seen angles. He is never satisfied with how a photo turns out and always thinks he can do better. Having no training in photography, he has to use trial and error to achieve the results he wants.

His favorite photo is a photo of a blue jay in flight with it’s feathers spread out, taken at 1/4000th of a second to freeze the motion of the wings and tail, a very difficult image to capture.

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