Nailed It! Hardware made its debut out of my heart and into a building on November 25, 2015.  That is the date that I sat and purchased two buildings, and little did I know at the time,  a legacy in the center of downtown Washingtonville.  The proverbial tire hitting the road moment.  Nailed It! Hardware is what I needed for myself so many years ago and I was about to embark on making that a reality from that moment on. 

The goal has always been to be a resource.  We have many types of clients with all different needs.  We understand there are differences. We understand we all have different goals. 

We support the decisions and bring you the process to achieve it.  

Do It yourself ... We support our Do It Yourself clients by offering a quality selection of products.  Our selection is vast without being overwhelming.  We work on a good, better, best mentality.  If we find a better product we will be happy to test it and bring it in to our stock.  We like to sort through all the stuff! What really works is what we are all about.  We understand. 

Do It For Me ... We strive to be a Resource Store.  Today,  information is vast.  Take advantage of our dedication to our customer base by tapping in to our intel for your local trade and craftsmen.   Feedback.  Face to Face.  We provide accurate information by asking all of customers to bring back honest feed back. We ask.  We learn. We follow up.  We do not get paid for leads.  There is no pay to play system at work here. Honest feedback we are willing to share.  We understand. 

Do It With Me ...We do this the best.  We talk to you.  We share our experience. We ask for yours. If you have a question, we will find the answer.  We use our products.  We test.  We are in it with you.  We understand.  

Hardware store means much more here.  I like to say Hardware to House'wear'.  We have an entire section of the store dedicated to workshops.  This is where we do it with you.  This is the place we bring you to the product.  We take the items in the store and do our own project with it.  It generally produces a craft to be used or shared in your home.  Some of our most popular workshops are pallet signs, copper candlabras, farmtable trays, wine racks and of course our own screwy pumpkins!  Paint is transformative.  We help you personalize your space personally.   Our team dedicates itself to helping you figure that out.