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It all started when…

Hi, I’m Corinne and it was 2015 when my dream jumped out of my heart and into a building where Nailed It! Hardware was born! Handy since young and equipped with 25 years of experience as a Project Manager within the Corporate Interiors industry, I had been around enough construction to demystify it. I knew that I could empower others, especially women, to tackle home maintenance. It wasn’t until 9/11 happened that I realized how precarious life could be: this would set in motion a goal to eventually own my own business. Reflecting on that sentiment, self, and community sustainability would become foundational pillars of the business I planned to build. Fast-forward to 2020 and I’m proud to say that the Washingtonville community has welcomed Nailed It! Hardware: we just celebrated our five-year anniversary! Ever growing, and now in the face of another life-changing event, the pandemic has solidified our position in the community. Time to double down and empower others to support their communities through its small businesses. A strong believer in the proverbial “It takes a village,” I’m going to do everything I can to continuously make our community better.

Our Mission

Our mission is to become a mecca of resources and cultivate community enrichment by investing in people first.

Need paint? We’ll walk you through it.

Just picking up supplies? Awesome! Tell me what you’re getting into and share it on our media.

Did you just move to the area? You can count on us to guide you through our Village.

Are you a handyman/woman? Leave your card and ask us about how you can be featured on our Resources page!

Are you a local artist? We’ll work with you to find a way to showcase your talent.

Welcome to your neighborhood hardware store, I hope to see you soon!


Corinne Courtney

Our Vision

To empower people and small businesses to build foundations in their homes and communities that become catalysts for growth and improvement.